Spongebob Clocks

I used to work for a company that made clocks and other collectibles for Marvel, Nickelodeon, and Universal.  It was a great job! However I had to leave it behind to pursue my own dreams; much like that of the samurai that walks towards the setting sun at the end of a film.  Here are some of my concept drawings for Spongebob clocks that never made the final cut…at least I don’t think they did.  These were colorized rough drawings to get the general idea across. If these were chosen, I’d have to do trun-around drawings of each of them…which was very taxing at times.

Spring Clocks - They’re called this because of the springs that divide the clock into two pieces.  The first one is of Plankton stealing a Crabby Patty.  The Second is of Patrick (or Fatrick as I call him) having a successful jelly-fishing trip.
Goo Lagoon Alarm Clock - This one was based on a specific episode that took place in Goo Lagoon. I think the episode was called “Ripped Pants.” Don’t quote me.
Jellyfishing Alarm Clock - I think the title says it all.

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