Hairy at the Heels? The Sketch Samurai

Sketch Samurai So why is this place called “Hairy at the Heels?” You’re right to say that the phrase is characteristically British. It originated in the late 19th century as a reference to horse racing. It was said that a horse having too much “hair around the heels” was of poor breeding, and people would often bet against these horses. So you can imagine it didn’t take much to shift this saying, figuratively, to humans. In all honesty I’ve always felt a bit “hairy at the heels,” a little ill-bred, like the world is betting against me. I think we all have at some point or  another.

So I’ve decided to take this saying and turn it on it’s head! “Hairy” has a variety of meanings: wild, unusual, dangerous, unpredictable and weird. Safe to say, at certain times, I can be described as having one or two of those characteristics. However, like a samurai, I’m taking all these traits and channeling them to accomplish things of great beauty. The way I see it, life is very unpredictable and fraught with potential for disaster and triumph; and sometimes, to survive, I think we all need to be a little “hairy at the heels.”

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