Mark was born in Chicago, IL and has loved illustration and animation ever since he was exposed to picture books and television. This led him to attain a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation; in turn he was also awarded Best Digital Portfolio of his graduating class. Since then he's worked for several companies where he tended to contract work from Disney, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios and Crayola.

A short while later Mark worked for Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale's Children's Ministry, where he served as creative director for 6 years. There he animated and edited a curriculum-based children's show called "Virtuality," that taught children about the many virtues found in the Bible. Currently Mark is lives in Chicago, Illinois and works at Jellyvision Inc. where he sits on an ergonomic throne and warms himself before the soft glow of his computer monitor.

When Mark is not talking about himself in third-person he passionately collects vintage pulp magazines, and vinyl monsters. He is also captivated by old horror fiction, and is hopelessly addicted to giant monster movies. In his leisure, he enjoys the company of his wife Noelle, and together they are the co-creators of The Lost Land of Yehey, a web-epic!